Save Our Souls
Moving content for a light installation by Bas Peeters presented on the Amsterdam Light Festival 2017.
Opening and graphic design for feature film Fataal.
The Art is the Discovery
Promo video for Dutch website Buitenkunst
De Ontmoeting / The Encounter
Moving content for a light installation by Bas Peeters
Buchtrailer Die Zeilenreise
Fictitious book trailer for the German book market.
Ziggo Dome LED facade designs
Moving corporate identity of the Ziggo Dome LED walls in Amsterdam
Schweppes Mix & Serve
An animated introduction to a new line of Schweppes mixers.
NTI, Het Nieuwe Studeren
Commercial campaigns for educational institute in the Netherlands
Goedemorgen Nederland
Opening daily news show for Dutch public television.
Energie Voor Morgen, Tomorrow's Energy
Short film about new technologies for energy network company Liander in the Netherlands.
Mannen van een Zekere Leeftijd
Men of a Certain Age... title sequence for a comical RTL4 talk show.
Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Opening sequence for the final show, live from Rotterdam, broadcasted in more than 20 countries.
MIsdaadNet Idents
Series of 6 animated Idents for Dutch TV Channel specialized in European crimes series.
MisdaadNet Station Identity
Moving identity of Dutch TV Channel specialized in European crimes series.
Introducing the Amsterdam Amstel Area
Corporate film to promote a city area in order to interest international companies.
Martial Arts Scene
My favorite scene from 'Introducing the Amsterdam Amstel Area'.
Storm Op Komst
A storm coming. Opening for summer talk show on Dutch television.
Dát Zal Ze Leren!
Title sequence for reality/fantasy show. a class in the 2000's moves fifty years back into a strict fifties school.
De Dropping
Low budget opening for a proposed television format.
Floriade In The City
Promo to encourage sending ideas by Twitter, inspiring a possible event in Amsterdam in 2022.
Ik Vertrek
Opening for documentary-series about emigration on first Dutch public channel.
Vebego, Close to You
Corporate film made in order to introduce a new corporate identity.
Curaçao Intro
Short animated introduction of a film about the Caribbean Island of Curaçao.
Promo for a 'remembrance minute', in which the deceased are honored on Dutch TV.
Wilhelmus 2000
From 'Sync', a series of experimental TV episodes about the relationship between sound and image.
Wilhelmus 2000, Zesde Couplet: Minnaars
A scene called 'Lovers' from 'Wilhelmus 2000', a short film for NPS television.
Wilhelmus 2000, Elfde Couplet: Amsterdam
A scene called 'Amsterdam' from 'Wilhelmus 2000', a short film for NPS television.
I-Mode logo animation
Short logo-animation for mobile internet service
Dutch Masters
Short ident for a DVD series about famous Dutch painters.
Vincent van Gogh
Title Sequence for a DVD-documentary about the life and works of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.
Xie Idents
Different idents for Theme TV channel (test designs).
Twee Vandaag
Twee Vandaag, Two Today. Opening daily Dutch news show on public channel Two.
Gay title design
Title sequence for Dutch drama/comedy set in Amsterdam's vibrant gay scene.
Let's Dance title design
Title animation for dance/sports event in the Netherlands
Postkantoor Indoor
Sample from Indoor television project for Dutch Postal Offices.
Ik op TV
Opening for TV program showing the viewer's own homemade news.
Twelve unpolished older talents are groomed for a triumphant tour along the Dutch theaters.
De Kern van de Zaak
The Heart of the Matter. Opening for talk show hosted by Karel van de Graaf.
Extra, das RTL Magazin
Intro for daily news show on German television.
Turnover, a Sketchbook
A corporate film for the fashion brand Turnover. Used for inspiring employees worldwide.
Happy Models
A scene from Turnover, a Sketchbook - a corporate film for a fashion brand.
Liquid Fabrics
A scene from Turnover, a Sketchbook - a corporate film for a fashion brand.
Opening for nightly German TV talk show, live from a famous radio studio in Cologne.
BCC Prijsvergelijker
The BCC man always compares prices… Commercial for BCC, a Dutch chain of electronics stores.
BCC Europese Actieweken
Sample from a series of animated low budget commercials for a Dutch electronics retail store.
Hans Meiser
Opening for daily talk show on German television presented by Hans Meiser.
Weihnachten in Space, Year 1
Christmas station identity for German TV. December is a magic month everywhere. Even in space.
Weihnachten in Space, Year 2
Christmas station identity for German TV. Each day a new number is revealed on the advent calendar.
Mens & Lijf
Opening for medical informative TV program, broadcasted on the Dutch RTL4 channel.
Klimaat in Beeld
Animated opening for educational TV series about climate, presented by weatherman Erwin Kroll.
Haust Toast Commercial
Haust tastes good on each occasion! An animated commercial for Dutch television.
Opening for Dutch talkshow about arts, leisures and media in all forms
Life & Cooking
Opening for RTL talk show about cooking and daily life, presented by Carlo & Irene and new cook Vincent van Essen.
Aangenaam Klassiek
TV commercial for a CD campaign to promote classical music in the Netherlands.
Stunde Der Entscheidung
Intro for suspenseful Quiz Show on German Television.
Tia Maria
Drink it with ice… Short billboard for Tia Maria, to promote drinking the liqueur 'on the rocks'.
Angela & Co
Opening for talk show on Dutch public television with host Angela Groothuizen.
Wie Biedt?
Intro for TV Quiz show on RTL television in the Netherlands.